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The Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame was the dream child of Joannie & Walt Kaplin in 1986.  They began the awards in 1987 and continued with the tradition through 1995.  Due to personal reasons, they had to stop.  In 2006, Pat D'Ambrosio picked up where the Kaplin's left off, hoping to continue  this tradition forever.  Pat was able to present the 2007 and 2008 banquets.   


In June 2016, we revised the Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame, with new direction and board members. 


We are now a non-profit charity.  UBI 604-123-339 and EIN 38-4038410


We are in NEED of SPONSORS.  Please contact Marv Nielsen or Helen Meadows for info.  Thank you..


The Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame website has been created for YOU.  We want everyone in Washington State to be able to participate and hope the creation of this website will be informative to you.  We also hope you'll visit our sponsors because without them, well, need I say more?






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If you like to be surrounded by car guys and gals, like surprises or like to see someone surprised, and if you like to have a good time; the Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame Award Ceremony and Banquet is for you.


You can read about prior inductees and prior award banquets and see all the fun everyone had.  Hopefully you'll have attended one or more of these and enjoyed yourself, shed a tear or laughed yourself sick.  Maybe you walked away with a door prize or maybe, just maybe, you were inducted or knew someone who was.  Well, wasn't that fun?  If you weren't there, you need to be. 


Now you are ready to nominate someone or you know of a car club that should be recognized.  Great, all you need to do now is contact any one of the Board of Directors.  They will help you get your nomination in.  Then we will wait for the next Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame Award Ceremony and Banquet to see who is inducted.  See, you do like surprises.  So do I, so get the nomination in already.  We can't have an awards ceremony without nominations.  You nominate and we vote, it's easy on your part and hard on ours.  We need all the information you can provide, as you know the people and chances are we don't.