Below are pictures of some of the beautiful art that will be displayed at the banquet. 


We extend a huge thank you to the following  Featured Artists for their commitment this year.


John Barbero

     "The Mint"                                                                        "29 Ford"




Steve Bender,

     "Hot Rod Cop Car"


Ken DeTore,

    "Cool Corvette"


 David Dickinson,

      "Wherever You Look"                                                                       


       "Every Now and Then"


     "The Old Car Always"



  Joe Fitch, Awards Service, phone 425-774-6462

     "All I Need Is Waves"


Chris Gamache, phone 253-572-5128,

     "Norm Grabowski At The Drive-In"


Xoe Hall,

     "Driving Fast"



  Boris Kochoff,

     "Bill and Jeanie at Mel's"


Lance Lambert, Executive Producer & Host "Vintage Vehicle Show" 206-362-2530  800-362-1551

     "Pasture Packard"                                                                                     "Down In The Weeds"                                                                                 



Kendra Pardy, phone 206-940-0319 ,   email

     "55 Chevy"


Jim Wilson, phone 253-347-2765 

     "Red Corvette"