Honored Club for 2016



Congratulations to the Sunset Hiway Cruisers www.sunsethiwaycruisers.com

 (the article below was taken from their website).

It's hard to put a precise date on when the idea of the Sunset Hiway Cruisers became a reality.  It may go as far back as 1995 when Marv Nielsen and Hugh Meyers held their first car show at the Triple X .  The restaurant still had the drive up stalls in those days along the back where the other offices are today.  rophies were wooden plaques with a 1/25th scale plastic car mounted on them.
That first show had 20 cars show up, but it was a beginning.
The Sunset Hiway Cruisers became official in 2000, hosting 3 shows that year.  2002 brought 6 shows.  There were 14 in 2005 and it was up to 20 by 2007.  In 2016 we will host or assist with 33 shows.  There aren't many available Sundays left in the year for car shows unless you like cold, rain and darn little daylight.  We have a waiting list for dates as they become available.
The Cruisers work together with the Triple X Restaurant and Jose Enciso, Sr., it's owner, the City of Issaquah and the neighboring businesses to insure that there is a safe environment for our car show participants and that the rights of our neighbors are respected.  
We routinely host 4 or 5 shows of our own and assist the other clubs with their shows.  The shows are conducted under a conditional use permit issued by the City, that has very specific requirements for pedestrian safety, traffic control, parking, signage and litter pick up.  Additionally, Virginia Mason has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot on Sundays.  The bulk of most shows is held on the VM site so we are exceptionally sensitive to the privilege they have given us.  There are conditions they have imposed and we do our best to live up to their expectations.
We have selected Life Enrichment Options (LEO) as our charity of choice.  To date the Sunset Hiway Cruisers have raised over $100,000, directly or indirectly, for LEO.  We also conduct the Jingle Bell Cruise each year.  The toys and cash collected are distributed by the local charities.  It is not unusual to have clubs arrive en masse with 20 or more cars dropping off several hundred dollars in toys and donations.  Each of the last several years has collected enough merchandise to fill two or more good sized rooms.
We don't have a lot of bylaws and rules for the club.  I don't know if anything is really written down.  We're just a bunch of guys who enjoy old cars (and some not so old), things mechanical, telling a tall tale now and then, listening to rock and roll, and helping out the community.  Our pleasure is seeing 250 cars show up on a nice Sunday morning, watching 2000 spectators walk through, and the smile on an 8 year old's face when he or she is invited to sit in the driver's seat of an old car and have Mom or Dad take a picture.
If you think you might like to join us we'd love to talk with you.  All it takes is a small commitment of your time and a desire to have a really good time.  You'll usually find us parked under the trees almost any Saturday evening and all day Sundays or email us.
And why the Sunset Hiway Cruisers?  Before I-90 went from Seattle to the east, bypassing the main streets of Issaquah, what is now Gilman Boulevard in front of the Triple X, was called Hiway 10.  It was also nicknamed the Sunset Highway because of how the sun was in a driver's eyes as he climbed up the hill to the west at sunset.  You are a Sunset Hiway Cruiser every time you pull into the Triple X!
A word about our logo.  Marv originally drew the Sunset Hiway Cruisers logo in 1957.  It has undergone a few minor modifications over the years but remains pretty much as he drew it some 55 years ago.