Honored Club for 2018


Congratulations to The Dukes Auto Club of Spokane this year's Club of the Year.


We celebrated the Club’s 72nd birthday this year. After seven decades of hot-rodding, the Dukes Auto Club of Spokane is 135 Members strong, still revving our engines and attending car shows all over the Northwest.


The Club began in the 40’s by a small group of hot rod enthusiasts who love building, polishing and racing cars. Our motto is First, Fastest & Finest. Our Club is exclusive to owners of per 1949 street rods. Some of our oldest acting members are Butch Miller, Al Davis, Don Audel, Jerry Lynn, Nick Linden and Bob Tully just to name a few.  We have a lot of personalities who have the commitment to the Dukes’ brotherhood. Don Wilbur was one of the Owners of the Spokane Auto Boat Speed Show for over thirty-five years. Dan Stussi made several trips to Pleasanton with his 48 ford coupe. Dan Weaver presented the “Widow” his 51 Merc chopped by Joe Bailon in Puyallup WA. Don Audel has taken two different cars to the Grand National Roadster Show. In 1965 Al Davis towed his 34 Ford pickup to the Oakland Roadster show with his 64 Corvette. When Al left Spokane there was three feet of snow on the ground and had to have a tow truck tow the car and trailer out of the alley. Early this year Troy Adams showed his 1935 Dodge Pickup and his 1940 Merc convertible at the Boise Roadster show and showed the 1935 Dodge at the Northwest Rodarama in Puyallup.   These are just a few stories of the Dukes” First, Fastest and Finest” brotherhood.


The Dukes’ first indoor car show was in 1953 and the show was held at Jaremko Motors on North Monroe. More shows followed, and then in 1955 the shows were moved to the Spokane Coliseum.

Awards were given for the best car club display as well.


During the sixties, the Club was short on members and short on money. So to earn money the Club would use one of the Club members open car hauler and haul cars to car shows. Some of the cars shows were in Butte MT, Lewiston ID and Calgary BC. All the Dukes could not fit in the car hauler, so the Dukes road in their cars on the car hauler with the engines running to stay warm.  When a car ran out of gas the Duke would climb from one car to the next while the car hauler was still moving. By the end of the trip all the cars were out of gas.


Don Audel and Don Wilbur are in the Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame. Don Wilbur’s 32 Ford was the only car on the t-shirt for the 2016 Great Northwest Nationals.


We are the Host club for the GoodGuys Great Northwest Nationals.


Every year we find a nostalgic location, park a few members’ cars at the location, and take a great picture add on a calendar and the proceeds go to a local charity. The calendar is 22’x29’, is a limited edition, collectable and highly sought after. The charity we give to is Vanessa Behan that supports abused infants.


Our Club helps The Dragin’s Race Team with the Deer Park Drag Strip Reunion Car Show & Fundraiser. Last year we helped raise $7800 for Hospice.


Our Members help with the Boy Scouts with the automotive merit badge. We set the agenda, supply the supplies and the merit badge takes 2 eight hour days.


We have a Dukes Memorial Car Club Picnic where we supply burgers, hot dogs and drinks for all who attend, remember the car enthusiasts we lost and sell “picnic” t-shirts.


We sponsor the Spokane Humane Society’s Fur Ball Car Show and Nine Mile Days & Car show.


We donate to the INCCC (Inland Northwest Car Club Council) for college scholarships. We have a Duke Member on the Council as well as on the scholarship Council. We donate, sponsor and participate in their Downtown Car Show as well.


John Clarizo