Dick Page Memorial Rodder Award

We started a new award this year (2017), the Dick Page Memorial Rodder Award.  The winner this year is Jeremy Love.
Here's his story:

Jeremy Love is the recipient of our first Dick Page Memorial Rodder Award. In my opinion, there is no person on the planet more deserving of this inaugural award. 

Most of the following information came from Dick’s lifelong friend, Denny Hall, who is here with us tonight.

Jeremy Love first met Dick Page through his foster family and had been impressed by his cars and reputation. When Dick Page took over the auto shop class at Foss High school in Tacoma, Jeremy Love decided to sign up on the spot. It was hot rod time at Foss high school! 

From Dick, Jeremy learned body and painting skills as well as general mechanics… like how to slam a car to the ground.

Tex Smith published an article in Hot Rod Mechanix magazine concerning Dick’s program at Foss. One of the photos accompanying the story was of Jeremy chopping the roof on his ’65 Chev hardtop.

He had wanted to do something major to his car and Dick, true to form, said “Chop it!”

Along with the technical knowledge, Jeremy also gained confidence and pride in his accomplishments… an attitude that Dick was especially good at instilling in young people. That confidence allowed him to go farther in the world of fabrication than most of us can even imagine. 

During the time that Dick was having a lot of medical problems. Jeremy became a member of the crew that would take Dick to the many specialists needed to both extend his life and allow him to stay in his home longer.

Dick’s confidence in Jeremy’s abilities prompted many conversations that has prepared Jeremy to restore Dick’s ’32 five window back to its former glory.

This rebuild will include a great chassis innovation and a mild chop. Dick had ideas for improvements as a seventy something year old and he knew just who could do it and get it done. It will have the exact look as if Dick could do it today.

Jeremy is also the caretaker of Dick’s chopped Buick Riviera. Plus, he has just installed a new floor and painted Dicks old ’32 roadster for Denny Hall.