2022 Outstanding Automotive Builder


Congratulations to Chris Odom and Extreme Metal & Paint.  extrememetalandpaint.com


Outstanding Design goes a long way...

Tic is a 1937 VW Bug that Chris Odom, owner and designer, chopped in half and welded back together with the middle section removed. He also designed a removable roof. Various magazines, including VW Magazine, have featured it and Hot Wheels selected is as a finalist in the Hot Wheels Legends Tour.

The inspiration for Tic came from decades earlier, when Chris was 19-years-old and still dreaming of building hot rods. He went on a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, where he saw people buzzing around in chopped VW Bugs. 

Twenty years later, Chris owned his own design studio and hot rod shop and decided he wanted to make his version of the chopped bug he saw in Mexico.