2011 Outstanding Automotive Builder

Congratulations to Divers Street Rods

Tim Divers speaking about Divers Street Rods


Divers Street Rods, Inc. has been over 20 years in the making. In 1983 Tim Divers found himself in a state of nirvana... 'volunteering' after-hours in his first Street Rod Shop and has never fully recovered.

This led him to discovering his first principal in life; 'Why follow the pack when you can be the leader?' Opening his own shop in 1986, under the guidance of many gifted and outrageous customers, his 2nd and 3rd principals followed; 'Think out of the box' and 'Dare to be different'. With this kind of encouragement it's of no wonder Divers Street Rods, Inc. has become a competing source in the world of rods.

In 1998 the re-location to Startup, a remote and secluded area of Western Washington, the 4th and final principal was cemented into place; 'If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room'.


Divers Street Rods has won the following awards:

SEMA 2010
GT39 receives prestigious Mothers Choice at SEMA.

The HRIA picked the GT39 as one of their Feature Vehicles for the 2010 SEMA show. Surrounded by radical builds from hundreds of cars, the GT39 was honored with being chosen for the prestigious Mothers Choice Award.

 Photo from Divers Street Rods website



What do you get when you combine a 1960 Rambler Wagon Estate, a wrecked 2002 Ferrari F360 drivetrain, suspension and interior, some amazing fabrication skills, and a dream?


2008 Ridler Award Winner

Photos from Divers Street Rods website.


Congratulations!  Well deserved and long overdue.