2012 Outstanding Automotive Builder

Congratulations to Russ Freund 2012 winner.  Below is PART of an article from Street Rodder Magazine.

It may have been an AMBR contender but Russ originally built his Flathead-powered bucket as a roller from spare parts and sold it to finance another project. He later bought it back and built it entirely at home-he even painted it with affordable Martin Senour paint! Dave Swenson built the 59A. George Frank trimmed it. To prove it's not a dandy Russ spun donuts for Goodguys' Kirk Jones, blowing off the radiator hoses in the process!

Read more: https://www.streetrodderweb.com/top100/1109sr_russ_freund_1925_ford_roadster/viewall.html#ixzz2J9enphaT


The pictures below are from myrideswithme.com

1923 Hot Rod T

Hot Rod,Hot Rod T, T-Bucket, 2011 Grand National Roadster Show
 1923 ford t bucket, hot rod t bucket, ambr contender
 1923 Ford Hot Rod, hot rod T-bucket, 2011 AMBR contender

 1923 Ford T-bucket, t-bucket Hot Rod, 2011 GNRS

1923 T hot rod, Ford Flathead, Cyclone Flathead, Thickstun intake