Staff Members

Thank you!  Our Staff Members are also part of our team, just as our sponsors.  Without the patience and the willingness to help us, the Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame Banquet would not be a success.  I would like to introduce all of you to some very special people: 

Please meet the Staff Members:

Kris Barnes, Wanda Clark, Bert Faille, Debi Montgomery, Kip Gorsuch and Susan & Shannon Nielsen. 

So to all of you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - I just can't say it enough. 


    Shannon Nielsen is our new Art Show Raffle  Director, congratulations Shannon.        





    Left to right: Wanda Clark, Bert Faille, seated Marilyn Gallop,                    

    the late Sue Gutierrez (in yellow) and Kip Gorsch.




 Debbi Montgomery