Outstanding Young Hot Rodder Award

In 2010 the Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame Board of Directors selected two outstanding young individuals for their efforts in the hot rod scene.   It is young people like these that are the future of this hobby.  We hope to honor young people annually,

Congratulations to all the young rodders!


2022 The winners are Logan Anderson and Chloe Pruczinski


2021 & 2020 Cancelled due to COVID

2019 we didn't have one

2018 The winner is Stephen Woomer

2017 The winner is Chris Fleury

2016 The winners are:  Josh Sanders and Bradley Sebastian. 

2015 The winners are:

Luke Miller and Josh Straughn  (Pictures coming)


2014 - We did not have a Young Rodder this year.


2013 The winners are:


    Sean Celli                                                                                    Jake Strain


2012 The winners are:

Bryan Robbins

Trevor Robinson


2011 The winners are:

Lindsey Butler

Christopher "Sig" Schott


2010 The winners are:

Andy Patton

Nick Lampert